When Quinn the Eskimo gets here, everyone’s gonna jump for joy!

Quinn’s Pedigree:
CH Spring Valley’s Mighty Quinn of Mahana HP 48442402
Sire: GCH CH Spring Valley’s Close Hold HP 39515102 OFA24E OFEL24 DNA#V680719
Dam: Spring Valley’s Extra Wicked HP 28002901
Whelped: September 28, 2014

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His story: There is always room for another dog! Truth be told – I was perfectly happy with my two…but one look at this guy, and I was hooked. He was a little bit of the two of them combined, and after I held him a few times, I had to have him. It didn’t take a lot of convincing Glenn. Once he saw Quinn’s photos, he wanted him too. Quinn’s name was inspired by my Grandfather’s middle name, Quinton, and Bob Dylan’s anthem Mighty Quinn the Eskimo, who brings joy to those around him.

His show career: Quinn ran up points early and then went through an awkward (read: teenager) growth stage and blew his puppy coat. At eighteen months, he earned his championship. Then he started running the board towards his Grand Championship. As of December 2016, he is just four singles away from his Grand Championship. We brought him home for the holidays and will send him out again in 2016 to finish his GCH.

Quinn is without a doubt, the sweetest and gentlest of the three. He is also the biggest and has earned the title of the “Gentle Giant”. He is fun-loving and confident, yet an omega in the pack. His personality fits well with the older two, ie. they dominate him, but he doesn’t care. He rolls over and exposes his belly. Then he gets up on his feet and if dogs could talk, he’d be saying, “let’s go again!” He is a total love bug and enjoys belly flops on you in the morning….and probably long walks on the beach, but we are too far away from the beach for me to say for sure. He has brought so much joy into the house, just like his name suggested. Got that one right!

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