Call it beginner’s luck or what you may, we have been blessed with beautiful Ridgebacks. They have brought joy into the lives of those around us. More importantly, they have brought absolute joy into our lives. When people meet our dogs they often say, “I really understand what you have been talking about the last few years”. Experience it for yourself. Everyone in our family, who has met our dogs, understands why we are completely obsessed with them. They are loyal, regal, loving, mischievous, fun, and humorous, to name a few qualities. They are not the only Ridgies who exhibit these traits. In fact, well bred Ridgies exhibit the same behavior. Do find a breeder, who is a member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States. As members, we are held to a standard just like the dogs we represent and breed.

If you are interested in Ridgebacks, be sure to check the standards by following these links: RRCUS & AKC.  Our dogs are different from each other and have unique characteristics just like people. We love them all for who and what they are individually. Beau is a light wheaten liver nose. Lona is a red wheaten black nose. Quinn is a red wheaten liver nose. They are our rainbow connection (we are the lovers and dreamers:). Perhaps, that is part of the point. The breed was created from several breeds, and the standard was developed from the Dalmatian. 80 years later there is still such a broad interpretation around the world of what they should look like. We love the Spring Valley type. They can be bigger than the standard says. They are powerful, willful, and strong. They also are the most loving and present dogs I have met in my life. They have a pure zest for life, and you cannot help but participate…even if it is just for a nap. They are all AKC champions and Beau is a Bronze level AKC Grand Champion.

We hope you enjoy our chronicle of their lives.

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