beau on the stairs

Who doesn’t go goo goo gah gah over a sleeping puppy pile? Every warm-blooded being does!

Bringing them home and taking care of them every day of their lives is something else. When it is a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, it takes careful consideration of your lifestyle, your home, your family members, and so many other considerations. If you want a well-bred pup, no matter the breed, then you want a breeder who will ask a lot of questions about you and help you decide if the breed is right for you. Once you get past the superficial features like:

Red Wheaten, Wheaten, or Light Wheaten
Black Nose or Liver Nose
Pet Quality or Show Quality– and what does showing require?

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are so much like people….they each have different personalities. Are you laid back and want a couch potato (as if a RR can ever truly be that) or do you want an activity partner ready for any adventure at a moments notice? Your breeder will match you up with the best puppy personality for you.

Find a breeder you connect to and would want to have in your life. The commitment to your Ridgeback is lifelong and you’ll want to know you have someone you can go to.

Chandler is a proud member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States.

I am proud to announce our first litter at Mahana Ridgebacks on March 17, 2017. Our beautiful Lona Pia was bred to the handsome gentleman, Asa. We had three gorgeous pups, all of whom have grown into beautiful, fun loving puppies. Here are the details on the litter:

BIS GCHP Spring Valley’s Always There “Asa” HP34062602


CH Spring Valley’s Lona Pia of Mahana HP46638003

Litter Number: HP532552

We had three boys listed in the order they were born:

Digger – 1.22lbs

Wheaten blacknose with white markings on chest

Tickle– 1.22lbs

Red wheaten blacknose with white markings on chest and tips of paws

Chico– 1.42lbs

Red wheaten blacknose with white markings on chest