Champion Spring Valley’s Mighty Quinn of Mahana HP 48442402

Sire: GCH Spring Valley’s Close Hold
Dam: Spring Valley’s Extra Wicked
Whelped: October 28, 2014

His Story

There is always room for another dog! Truth be told, I was perfectly happy with my two, but one look at this guy, and I was hooked. He was a little bit of the two of them combined, and after I held him a few times, I had to have him. It didn’t take a lot of convincing. Once he saw Quinn’s photos, he wanted him too. Quinn’s name was inspired by my Grandfather’s middle name, Quinton, and Bob Dylan’s anthem Mighty Quinn the Eskimo, who brings joy to those around him. He has been home with us for nearly four years now. He is loved by everyone.

His show career:
Quinn started his show career in April 2015. It was a slow start like with Beau the first month. Then he began to win and earned his championship. He took 3rd place at the RRCUS Nationals in 2015 just before turning 1 year old.

Just after turning 2 years old, Quinn was on track to earn his Grand Championship, being just four singles shy of it. However, we had just returned from living overseas. After seeing him at RRCUS nationals in 2016, I was looking forward to bringing him home and getting to know our youngest. I haven’t regretted that decision. Quinn had never lived with us, and it was time to bring our family together.

Showing dogs was a grand adventure, and one that I don’t regret. There is a discipline behind the sport and many great people you meet along the way. There is a competitiveness to it, which can be fun. I still keep in touch with many people from the club and enjoy watching our breed in the ring. I also enjoy having my pups lay by my feet all day as I work and receive their love and admiration.