Welcome to Mahana Ridgebacks’ new posts page. 

We have had a few years (after the showing years) to take pause and just enjoy each other. A lot has been going on since these guys all finished their AKC championships or grand championships. During this pause time, we all have had a chance to reflect on the simple things – cuddles, sun spots, fireplaces roaring in winter, chasing squirrels, smelling flowers, quarantine garden bounties, treats, homemade food, barking at new neighbors, hanging with grandma and kisses….lots and lots of hugs and kisses.

These three are not just my dogs, but they are my dawgs. My Hunds. They are family. While they do not show anymore, they remain a force to be reckoned with in their own way, each and every one on them. 

Join us as we journey through their middle years and savor the moments. These are the moments you begin to really savor, as you know they don’t last forever.

As we journey together, we'll be talking about our latest project, Hardaways.

The concept of Hardaways was born out of my love of these Rhodesian Ridgebacks, wanting to The concept of Hardaways was born out of my love of these Rhodesian Ridgebacks, wanting to give them the very best I could, and also to honor my grandmother, who is my life’s greatest mentor. 

With Hardaways I share what I have learned about nutrition and what has worked for my dogs. Rhodesian Ridgeback owners are incredibly passionate people. This is probably because the breed demands you to be passionate about them! …and who wouldn’t be.

Graceful, statuesque, fierce and loving…these qualities are what the characters of fables, fairytales and novels are made of. 

So, I won’t try to say my way is the only or even the best for everyone. But, it has worked very well for me and for them, once I figured it out. The process of learning has been a bit long and sometimes hard. Perhaps that is why their nails haven’t had the attention they should have. I have to get on top of that one! 

But I digress…I have developed two flavors of dog treats that the hunds go out of their mind for and 28 out of 30 daycare dogs at Happy Hounds Dog Resorts feel the same way. The staff has taken note! Seems like a good start since they are of all sizes and breeds.

Dogs are the best test group because they aren’t worried about saying the right things in a “think tank” or “brainstorming session.”

Learn more as we build this new idea: HARDAWAYS