Our newest addition, GCH CH Dimond’s I’m Every Woman of Spring Valley, “Chaka”,  had a big summer in 2022. It was so big, I hardly had time to post about it. It started in May…we drove her to Pennsylvania to be with her handler, Elisabeth Szymanski. In her first weekend out with Elisabeth she won a sweepstakes and started racking up points towards her championship. 

All of our dogs experienced some streakiness while going for their titles. They also get into a groove and surprise us with their wins. Chaka earned her championship on a special day in July and three weeks later was a Grand Champion. 

We kept her on the road until the middle of September when I picked her up. At this point, she was already halfway to her Bronze Grand Championship. We wanted her to come home. She was young and we wanted her to remember what is was like to be with her doggie daddy, Quinn, and the rest of her pack. 

Well, she was home for all of two months before Elisabeth came here to take her to the Royal Canin shows in Orlando, considered to the “nationals” in their own right. Dogs and their people come from all over the country to show at this incredible week-long event. Chaka held her own. She didn’t win everything, but she made us proud. The most significant win was Best of Opposite Sex at the Sunshine State Rhodesian Ridgeback Club’s Specialty. 

Chaka is taking some time from showing as she grows up, but don’t be surprised when she comes back out into the ring. Until then, we are loving on this blessed spirit everyday. She keeps our seniors active and happy. 5 o’clock is party time every night with ridgie-play and zoomies. Everything stops then for a half hour, while we take in and sometimes referee, their playtime.

As we journey together, we'll be talking about our latest show dog, Chaka.